PHP9000-4F Easy To Grind Plugged Via Resin
PHP9000-4F  Easy To Grind Plugged Via Resin
PHP9000-4F  Easy To Grind Plugged Via Resin

Product Introduction

PHP9000-4F easy to grind plugged via resin is a cost-effective material, halogen-free and environmentally friendly, not organic solvents, stable quality performance; it can be used as standard plugged via resin for PCB outer layers, and can be used as selective option to replace the conventional via plugged green ink ; easy to grinding enable PCB manufacturer to reducing grinding costs, save more time and improving the quality of PCB.

The main features of this material as following:

[1] Cost-effective, it is a cost down solution for pcb manufacturer to replace the conventional via plugged by green ink: even compare with plugged via by green ink, plugged via resin can avoid the problems such as flatness, cracks and bubbles which caused by conventional plugged via by green ink. It is a new option to improve plugged via quality performance.

[2] Easy-to-grind: PHP9000-4F adopts special intergradient, take advantage of the easy grinding traits of different intergradient and enable the resin become much more easy-to-grind, on the basis of taking into account the reliability of the plugged via resin ; Compared with conventional plugged via resin, the grinding performance has been improved significantly by more than 30%,it reduce the grinding cost and improving the quality yield greatly. The improvement of the grind ability apparently reduces the he risk of exposure of uncovered via ,improve the evenness and flatness of heavy copper.

[3] Resin Color Customization: The color of this resin can be customized according to the needs of customers , and the current customizable colors are gray white, green, black. customer can select different kind of resin color to match with their color of solder mask and the requirement of reliability.

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