Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility

As a high-tech advanced material R&D company, Baroy pays attention to environmental and resource protection while vigorously promoting technological innovation of high performance advanced material, stick to the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development, for more material saving and resource conservation through efforts such as CO2 emission and wastes reduction, promotes the development of new environmental protection and energy-saving technologies, and contributes to the global Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutral . As a pioneer of green manufacturing in the world's printed circuit industry, Baroy attaches great importance to the practice of social responsibility while pursuing commercial value in printed circuit and conductive interconnection solutions, and jointly explores a green, low-carbon, high efficient and emission-reduction sustainable R&D and innovation path with customers, employees, the public and other stakeholders. Combining its own scientific research concepts, in production and business practice, Baroy strive to continuously create economic and commercial value through sustainable development management, and also provide innovative new materials and new process solutions such as additive process to improve the environmental and ecological benefits of customers' existing processes, and jointly cope with the challenges of the global warming and jointly build a green earth.

Mission Of The Times

Additive Manufacturing Technology is the way of green and smart manufacturing in PCB industry

The Growing Demand

The growing demand for environmental protection awareness and requirements from customers and partners around the world requires suppliers to achieve green manufacturing.

The State Encourages

The state encourages green manufacturing, energy-saving, high-efficiency and low-carbon production, and achieves the national strategic goals of carbon peak and carbon neutrality.

Build Environmentally-Friendly

Build environmentally-friendly factories and adopt innovative advance material and process to achieve energy saving, CO2 emission reduction and less material wastes.

Saving Labor Costs

Saving labor costs reducing staff and increasing efficiency require an integrated and connected production model in the manufacturing industry to reduce labor dependence.

Optimizing The Production Process

Optimizing the production process, shorten lead-time and production cycle , smart and flexible production with fast delivery are the goals pursued by the printed circuit industry.