Ceramic Substrate Hole Metallization

The traditional copper plating solution for hole metallization of ceramic substrates is prone to many process difficulties such as residual liquid in the hole, poor adhesion, and unsatisfied copper filling. The hole metallization of ceramic substrate is achieved by copper paste plugging technology, which is a simple process, full filling, good adhesion and very low cost.

This product is sintered with micro and nano composite copper paste, which has excellent resistivity and reliability. By adding high-temperature binder and special filler, the thermal expansion coefficient of copper pores and interfaces can be further adjusted to achieve highly reliable copper pores.

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Product Features:

· High efficiency, good quality and low cost of vacuum hole plugging process

· Resistivity close to pure copper to achieve effective conduction of high current

· Low thermal expansion coefficient of copper holes and interface layer for high reliability

Technical Parameters:


Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum Nitride

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

6.8 x10-6/K

4.7 x10-6/K

Softening Point












Depth to Diameter Ratio



Hole Edge Distance