Glass Substrate Circuits Manufacturing

The thermal expansion coefficient of the glass substrate is less than 10ppm/k, the breakdown voltage is above 6000V/m, and the surface flatness is extremely high, and its circuit board can be used for COG packaging of high-precision and low-power chips, such as Mini-LED chips, IC chips, microprocessor chips, etc.

This product uses micro-nano composite metal powder as the core of sintered copper paste or nickel paste, make glass-based circuit by additive manufacturing, which can replace single-sided aluminum substrate or double-sided BT board. The use of full dry process, on the surface of more than 2mm thick high-strength tempered glass ,rapidly print the sintered conductive lines and pads, for mounting a variety of low-power components, especially suitable for outdoor LED lights, indicator sign products. Baroy adopts the full additive process, making a precision double-sided circuit with a conduction hole on a 0.2∽0.7mm ultra-thin glass substrate, which is directly used to mount various low-power chips, especially suitable for the production of Mini-LED backlight boards.

Glass Substrate

• Lower material cost than aluminum substrate or BT material

• Thermal stability far superior to BT substrate, suitable for large-size high-precision SMT

• Surface flatness and roughness close to that of silicon wafers

• The thermal conductivity is comparable to that of ordinary aluminum substrates, which can efficiently dissipate heat over a large area

• Breakdown voltage above 6000V, reduce the cost of external transformer

Thick Metal Conductive Paste

• Base metal circuits, no risk of ion migration

• Electric conductivity 3.5μΩ·cm, close to the one of conventional PCB

• Peel strength 5N/mm, 6 times than that of conventional PCB

• 500°C high temperature fusion inorganic interface, thermal shock, environmental aging performance is good enough 

Additive/Dry Manufacturing

• At least 3 steps to complete graphics circuit development, low process cost

• 100% utilization rate of conductive metal paste

• Line accuracy of 15μm, exceeding the PCB limits

• Dry process without water pollution

• Fully inorganic material, high voltage resistance; Anti-ultraviolet aging, anti-seawater corrosion



  玻璃基板电路加工          玻璃基板电路加工         玻璃基板电路加工          玻璃基板电路加工


Substrate Material

Ultra thin glass

Tempered Glass

Coefficient of thermal expansion

<9 ppm/K


Flexural strength






Board Thickness



Double size or not


Holes Diameter



Electric Conductive Material

Copper Circuits

Nickle/Silver Circuits




Line width/line spacing


Groove fill-in>15μm


Groove fill-in>35μm

Line thickness


Groove fill-in5∽300μm


Groove fill-in10∽300μm

Surface roughness



Solder pad surface treatment

OSP、Immersion Silver   

Sintering Silver