Ceramic Substrate Circuits Manufacturing

The thermal conductivity of ceramic substrate is between 23-350w/m·k, the thermal expansion coefficient is less than 8ppm/k, and the breakdown voltage is above 6000V/m, and its is often used in the packaging of high-voltage and high-power chips, such as high-power LED spotlights, vertical laser chips, Thermoelectric Cooler, etc.

Baroy take advantage of micro-nano composite metal powder as the core of sintering copper paste or silver paste, to build the ceramic substrate circuits by additive manufacturing, can efficiently produce different line width and line spacing according to the circuit graphic design, compared with the traditional production process of DPC, DBC, AMB which need to go through film laminating, exposure, image development, etching, sputtering, electroplating, high temperature sintering, in most cases our additive process technology does not need electroplating and etching such kind of cumbersome processes, the same or similar reliability such as conductivity and peel strength, it saves process time, shortens delivery time, reduces waste emissions, and is more economical and environmentally friendly, it is one innovation process of green manufacturing.

Technology Highlight

Ceramic Substrate:

· More than 10 times the thermal conductivity of the aluminum substrate

· It is used in packaging high-voltage and high-power chips

· Breakdown voltage above 6000V, reduce the cost of external transformer

· Better thermal stability than most organic materials

Thick film metal paste:

· Conductivity 2.5μΩ·cm, close to the conductivity pure copper

· Peel strength 5N/mm, 6 times than the circuits peel strength of conventional PCB

· Interface layer CTE adjustable, 1000 thermal cycles, 350°C thermal shock, no attenuation

Additive Manufacturing Dry Process Manufacturing/Green Manufacturing:

· At least 3 steps to complete graphics circuit development, low process cost

· The utilization rate of conductive metal paste is 100%,

· Line accuracy 15μm, exceeding PCB limits

· Dry process without water pollution


Ceramic Substrate Circuits Manufacturing


Substrate Material 


Aluminum Nitride

Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion

6.8 x10-6/K

4.7 x10-6/K

Thermal Conductivity






Board Thickness

0.25 ∽ 1mm

0.15mm ∽ 0.63mm

Double Size Or Not

Holes Diameter



Electric Conductivity Material

Silver Circuits

Copper Circuits




Circuits Resolution


Groove Fill-in:>15μm


Groove  Fill-in:>15μm

Lines Thickness

Printing 8 ∽ 35μm

Groove  Fill-in:5∽300μm


Groove  Fill-in:5∽300μm

Surface Roughness