Void Filling Silver Paste Used For Touch Panel(Metal Mesh)

Problem Description: 

Capacitive touch panel determine the position of the touch point by measuring the change in capacitance between the electrodes. When the finger touches the screen, a coupling capacitor is formed between the finger and the screen surface, and the finger will draw a part of the current from the contact point, and the current is transferred to the chip through the conductive line made of the touch panel conductive silver paste to measure the change of this current to determine the position of the touching finger.


PHP900-6F-A as the nano silver paste ,is the first choice for using metal mesh technology to make large touch panel. It is one of Baroy’s conductive silver ink series. Consists of very fine silver particles and thermoplastic/thermosetting resins. Fully adapted to the spraying/inkjet process, very low odor, high printability, high oxidation resistance, high electrical conductivity, hardness and strong adhesion.

Material Advantage:

· Easy to fill metal mesh 3-5um pattern void /groove

· Short-term & low-temperature curing

· High adhesion to a variety of substrates

· Excellent electrical conductivity

· Differentiated customization base on specific requirements of customers

· Nano-scale silver paste bring the best electrical conductivity, high reliability and flexibility

· Make fine lines to develop ultra-narrow borders, smallest mesh for better visual performance