Inkjet Solder Mask Continuous Production Line Connection

- Problem Description:Traditional PCB solder mask process uses screen printing , and a large amount of organic waste liquid is generated during screen cleaning process after solder mask is not green manufacturing and not environment friendly technology.

- Solution:Inkjet Solder Mask printing technology can directly print graphics/pattern and instant curing according to CAD or CAM data, the screen is not needed any more process, while reducing the production equipments and production area, which is more economical than traditional solder mask printing by screen in terms of production cost and efficiency. In addition, inkjet solder mask printing can meet ROHS, Reach and halogen-free as well,it is one kind of technology of environmental protection. environment friendly green manufacturing technology.

Had been adopted by some PCBs manufacturers in mass production.

Inkjet printing solder resist inline process solution




Conventional Solder Mask Screen Printing VS 3D Inkjet Solder Mask Printing



3D Inkjet Solder Mask Inks Thickness 25±3μm, Lines Corner ≥15μm