Glass Base LED Backlight Double Size PCBs

- Background: PCB as a mini LED backlight board, because the thickness of the PCB board is less than 0.4mm, when packaging the LED chip to the PCB substrate, due to the different thermal expansion coefficient of the encapsulant and the PCB material, there will be a problem of glue cracking; and the thermal conductivity of the PCB material is poor, when the number of LED chips increases, it will reduce the service life of the LED.

-Solution: This innovative product adopts the full addition process, and fabricates a precision double-sided circuit with a conductive hole on a 0.3∽0.7mm ultra-thin glass substrate, which is directly used to mount various low-power chips. It is especially suitable for the production of miniLED backlight panels.

The low expansion and contraction and high flatness of the glass substrate can better support the COB package of the real miniled chip, and even the microchip package, which has better performance than the PCB substrate in high-end products and high partition, narrow frame and low OD value. The glass substrate has high thermal conductivity, can better dissipate heat, and can meet more complex wiring requirements on welded products with higher density; In addition, the glass substrate is flatter, which is easy to achieve in chip transfer technology.

- Product Advantages:

· Heat rise and shrinkage: only 1/7 of the resin substrate, suitable for large-area high-precision patches

· Good heat dissipation: the thermal resistance is comparable to that of the aluminum substrate, which can dissipate heat efficiently over a large area

· Low cost: the price is about 60% of the precision carrier board

· High reliability: 500°C high temperature fusion inorganic interface, no interface stress, high strength, thermal shock resistance