Glass Base Single Size PCBs

- Background: FR4 and aluminum base account for a relatively high proportion of cost, and it is necessary to find more cost-competitive substrates as circuit carriers.At the same time, because FR4 and metal bodies are prone to plate warping at high temperatures and currents, flatness is a problem.


This innovative product adopts the full dry process, and quickly prints sintered conductive circuits and pads on the surface of high-strength tempered glass with a thickness of more than 2mm, which is used to mount various low-power components. It is especially suitable for the production of outdoor LED text and indicator signs.

- Product Advantages:

· Good thermal conductivity: the thermal conductivity is comparable to that of ordinary aluminum substrates, and the package is a small power chip

· High insulation: breakdown voltage above 6000V, reduce external transformer cost

· Low cost: the price is about 70% of the aluminum substrate, and the assembly cost is reduced without structural parts

· High reliability: high temperature sintering inorganic interface, firm pad, environmental aging resistance