High Power Mini LED Ceramic Packaging

- Background: The cost of aluminum substrate accounts for a high proportion of LED lamp finished products, and the aluminum substrate used in LED lamps can not withstand higher voltage, made products in electrical strength and withstand voltage is more prone to problems, the thermal conductivity of the dielectric layer and the thermal conductivity of the aluminum substrate finished product There is a certain difference, requiring a high conductivity, high thermal conductivity packaging material replacement.

- Solution: The use of a ceramic-based package can avoid short-circuit damage caused by insufficient heat dissipation. The thermal conductivity is 100 times that of ordinary FR4 and 10 times that of metal substrates.

- Improvement Effect:  

· Strong mechanical stress and stable shape; High strength, high thermal conductivity, high insulation

· Strong bonding force, anti-corrosion

· The structure of various graphics is produced by manufacturing the line with precision thick film printing process

· The thermal expansion coefficient of ceramic materials is close to silicon, and there is no need to make an insulating layer on the PCB like a metal substrate

· The process is simple and fast, and the COB carrier board for high-power chips can be manufactured at low cost

Product Advantages:

· Good thermal conductivity: more than 10 times the thermal conductivity of the aluminum substrate, packaging high-power chips

· High insulation: breakdown voltage above 6000V, reduce external transformer cost

· Low cost: it can replace the silver paste line and do a larger area of electrical conductivity


大功率mini led陶瓷封装