Nano Electric Conductive Copper Lnk Of RFID Electronic Tag & Transparent Flexible Circuits

Problem Description: 

For The traditional RFID electronic tag antenna has etching process, and its disadvantages and shortcoming is: the etching process is very slow, resulting in slow antenna production; Due to the use of the reduction process, a large part of the copper foil has been etched away, therefore its material and production cost is relatively high; 

For conductive silver paste printing, the conductivity of conductive silver paste is far inferior to copper foil, and conductive silver paste does not adhere well to PET substrate; 

For electroplating and vacuum coating , The disadvantages is that the initial equipment investment is large, and it is only suitable for mass production.


The use of nano-copper alloy powder that can be sintered within 200 °C to produce elecric conductive ink, which can be applied to inexpensive substrates such as PET and PE, low-cost and large-scale production such as RFID tag and transparent flexible circuits.