Plugged Via Resin For Back Drill Crack Resistance Improvement

- Problem Description:The CTE of high-speed materials are different from those of FR-4 materials at high temperature condition, especially in the process of back drilling , the stress is usually concentrated at the back drilling step position, and back drill via cracks are easy to occur and caused the quality problem;

- SolutionThe adoption of low CTE plugged via resin can improve the adhesion between the resin itself and the substrate to reduce the internal shrinkage stress during resin curing;

Had been adopted in mass production by PCB manufacturers.

The CTE of High Speed Material such like Megtron6 ,the different Tg of high speed material and plugged via resin usually caused the problem of back drill via crack and failure,result in the delamination at Back drill ,the low CTE plugged via resin developed by Baroy can solve such problem.